The Special Value of Handcraft

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  • Cheongyeon

    Refined aesthetics of blue

    Through Cheongyeon, one of representative lines of Yido,
    we suggest Korean beauty through sophisticated aesthetic of blue.

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  • Onyu

    Warm spring
    scene and color of soil

    As a representative line of Yido along with Cheongyeon,
    Onyu is equipped with warm sensitivity and subdued aesthetic.

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  • Soho

    Elegant encounter
    of sky and earth

    Soho is a modern interpretation of elegant classic
    which embraces the color of nature.

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  • Yoonbit

    Aesthetic resembling
    the hue of wind

    Yoonbit is the most loved line of Yido
    for its refined aesthetic with tranquil yet ambient skyblue.

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Yi Yoonshin

“The most important quality of good dinnerware is
how appetizing it can make food look”

The founder of Yido, ceramic artist yi, yoonshin, received her bachelor’s degree at
Art College of Hongik University, and her master’s degree at Hongik Graduate School
of Art and Kyoto City Graduate School of Art. She has held many solo and group exhibitions
since her first exhibition in Japan in 1984.

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Soon (純) collection
New white porcelains
by Yido

Inspired by pure-white and innocent cleanliness,
Yido’s new white porcelain collection ‘Soon’ (means pure)
features neutral tone and natural texture along with subtle flow
of lines through simple and yet disciplined design.

The Company Leading
Total Art of Living

Our Story

As a company leading the incorporation of art into daily lives, Yido aims to provide diverse
cultural experiences through the delicate world of handcraft.

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Yi, Yoonshin The Beauty
of the lnimitable Ordinary

date. 2015/09/25(Fri) ~ 10/02(Fri)
Villa Violet
Paris, France


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